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How to locate a missing person in Florida

Are you looking for a long-lost friend, lover or family member? If so, this article will give you all the tools you need to find them without spending a dime. All searches listed here are free and provide accurate results. Our Grey Ghost Miami private investigators have used these tools as adjuncts to our private […]

The Difference Between UK and US Private Investigators

When we compare the private investigation industry as it exists in the United Kingdom and the United States, it’s tempting to succumb to the popular and pervasive stereotypes of PIs from film and literature. Certainly, in the eyes of the British public, a Yank detective is wise-cracking, moustachioed, handsome, and also is Tom Selleck. I […]

What! Concealed weapons training online?

Coming to an inbox near you: Companies claiming to offer online CCW certifications. Is it legit? Not in California! With gun sales and Concealed Carry permit applicants surging across California – and the nation – it’s no surprise that predators using deceptive sales practices or outright scams are clamoring to prey upon the uninformed. Gun […]

How to add date & time stamp to video *Final Cut ProX*

How to add your date & time stamp in your video with Final Cup Pro X. Or FCPX Like a boss! (A Private Investigator Boss!) So every few months things change on you from your software or your devices like your camcorder etc. and now you’re having difficulties with adding your date & time stamp. […]

3 Top tips for surveillance in the snow

3 Top tips for surveillance in the snow 1. Know the area and the weather report. Let’s say you have a surveillance case in the mountains. What I would do first, is look to see if there are any winter storm warnings for the area. If so, how much snow is expected to accumulate? In […]

Protect yourself while online dating

How to improve your security during online dating In recent years, many people have turned to online dating apps, which make it easier to meet people from all over the world. Much as this is an advantage, online dating has attracted scammers, whose main aim is to lure and steal from their online lovers. With […]

Genealogy Investigations

How Do I find my birth Parents? What is Genealogy, and how could a private investigator help me? Genealogy is the study of one’s ancestry or family lineage. Often times and especially these days, with life being hectic, we lose track of one another Or adoptees may feel a missing link and want to know […]

Importance of Online Business Citations and Quality Backlinks

Nowadays, web presence is crucial in the awareness level of your audience towards your business. There are many things that affect your local business as well as its reach to the customers. Moreover, there are techniques of improving this reach and getting better results to your website. Online business citations and quality backlinks to your […]

How to get Military Records for free

*How to get military records for free, turn-around time and what is available?* This question comes up frequently, and A few things have improved – one area that hasn’t is their response. Although frequently recorded with the Clerk & Recorder (or similar) DD214s are considered confidential and available only to the veteran – spouse or […]

NO PI Exception to the FCRA

No PI Exception to the FCRA and other background screening rules. Many Private Investigators (PIs) are being asked to perform background checks for a variety of purposes. However, if the background check is related in any way to employment, investigators need to be aware of the numerous laws, regulations, and court cases governing this area. […]