Genealogy Investigations

How Do I find my birth Parents?

What is Genealogy, and how could a private investigator help me? Genealogy is the study of one’s ancestry or family lineage. Often times and especially these days, with life being hectic, we lose track of one another Or adoptees may feel a missing link and want to know who their biological parents are. What do you do once you’ve exhausted all of your family resources and have nowhere else to go? You turn to a private investigator who specializes in Genealogy. These specialized investigators can help walk you through the process and help you uncover the mystery.

What is Genealogy investigations and how can it help?

Who are my birth parents

So what is the next step? There are a few things one should consider while searching for their birth family. The last thing you want to do is disturb or even out your birth family. How do you do that without learning the truth? How do you not offend your adopted family and seem not grateful?
You’ll need to obtain any adoption paperwork available by your adopted parents and the county court where your adoption was finalized. Still not enough information to uncover your biological family. Have you registered your search information known to you on websites, and nothing is happening. What do you do next?
It’s time to test your DNA via saliva at DNA is a game-changer! You simply spit in a tube and wait six weeks for the results. Once the results are back, you’ll have a combination of DNA relatives from your unknown maternal and paternal side with names! Though this information can be overwhelming (even to seasoned genealogists), you’re in the right place. Now is where a private investigator versed in genealogy and the science of genetic genealogy can help you complete your ancestry journey.