Importance of Online Business Citations and Quality Backlinks

Nowadays, web presence is crucial in the awareness level of your audience towards your business. There are many things that affect your local business as well as its reach to the customers. Moreover, there are techniques of improving this reach and getting better results to your website. Online business citations and quality backlinks to your website are one of the ways.

Citations are one of the highest rated algorithms on Google, as well as the other search engines. Businesses rank significantly higher with high quality citations. The best way to get this results is to have your website featured on well-established and well-indexed portals. This will result in a drastically increased traffic to your website.

The citations have more effect when they are included in less competitive industries, where the web presence is a rare thing to have. The lack of information can cause a great effect on your business and get you as many clients as you want to. Backlinks, on the other side, are an indication of the popularity of your website. These modules have become important with the rapid growth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Moreover, they are one of the key parts in this optimization that helps in ranking your business higher on the search engines.

Additionally, backlinks contribute in the relevance of the website or keywords used in it. The quality of related links inserted to your website is crucial for search engines. The inbound links that your content provides are constantly playing levels and improving your page rank if they are properly used.

Apart from ranking, backlinks are great for reaching out to users and enticing them to visit your website. If the links are relevant to the search, people will find you without even pointing in your direction!

Finally, a lot of businesses have improved their web presence with online citations and quality backlinks. Investing in this kind of optimization could make you a leader in the industry, having in mind that the world is digitally transforming on a daily basis.

What are Back Links?

A backlink means your website URL has been posted on another site and points back to your website. Backlinks are necessary because Google and other search engines see them like active votes for your website that network to one another – it shows that your site is trusted, contains relevant information and that you’re an authority in your industry. The more authority the website has – the more power the backlinks give to your site helping you rank higher in the search results.

Back links are semi-permanent. In some cases links may get removed by the site owner or become “broken” or “lost” due to various reasons. The most important thing to note about back links is that once you start and especially when you stop building them – you drop (in rankings) – This is called “the Google Dance” – Google wants to make sure that you’re link juice is consistent and “natural-looking” – if they see a big spike in back links and then nothing else for a week or two or months – they’ll “drop” your site to “test” it and if there has been proper back link building and structuring going on.

If you’ve been utilizing back link building services and suddenly stop, your site’s rankings will definitely drop and stay there if no more links are being continuously built to it. You may recover some with good content that’s well optimized with your keywords if you have the proper on-page optimization but overall chances are you won’t reach page 1 until you begin actively building links again.

Final Word

Hopefully now you are beginning to understand why it’s so important to have not only back links, but also business citations (like FYI) for your business. It helps you get found more often on Google & delivers more leads than any other source for free traffic!