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Answers to Common Questions About Find Your Investigator™

Below are some questions we commonly encounter, or assume investigators and users may find themselves asking.
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Why Should I List With Find Your Investigator™?

Find Your Investigator™ functions differently than any other online PI directory. Our directory populates a list of investigators near the user, which may then be clicked on to visit that investigator’s own personalized landing page on our site. This method not only greatly enhances the SEO quality of both our site and your business, but also allows investigators to write their own custom content to serve as additional value to the user prior to their visiting of your own website. As every investigator’s page on our site can rank on Google’s search results pages, private investigators that list with us essentially receive an additional free indexable page on Google to receive far more impressions on searchers – resulting in more traffic, and more business!

What Makes Find Your Investigator™ Better For My Digital Marketing?

Find Your Investigator™ proudly employs a team of SEO experts to ensure our directory adheres to the latest best practices according to Google algorithm updates. Our evergreen approach to digital marketing and the creation of a long-term, mutually beneficial PI directory ensures your listing will never become de-ranked due to blackhat techniques, or that your acquired backlink from our website will not become a “low quality indicator” due to sketchy site practices that countless other directories consistently perform. Using a disreputable directory can actually have a profoundly negative impact on your site’s overall performance, as Google can determine whether or not the backlinks you receive are of high or low quality.

By crafting unique content and placing every listing on its own page within our website, businesses that list on our private investigator directory, you ensure that your business’ website gains a reputable, high-quality backlink that will withstand the test of time, serve as a landing page of its own, and drive conversion-prone traffic to your business without relying on cheap, clickbait tactics!

Why Do I Need To Write 300 Words of Original Content For My Listing?

Duplicate content is one of the worst possible offenses a business can perform online – whether it’s on multiple pages within their own website, or on other sites! Unless duplicate content is indicated utilizing an HTML “canonical tag” to indicate to Google that the page is non-indexable due to the repeated content (which is against Google’s guidelines for indexable pages), both the original page and the “copy + paste” page will suffer significantly, resulting in either massive drops in visibility, or outright removal from search results.

Because of this massively important aspect of page creation online, to maximize both your (and our) site traffic, we mandate that private investigators listing with us write 300 words of original content for their page. Given that writing up reports is a daily task performed by investigators, a 300-word description of your business for the free creation of a landing page should be a simple and straightforward task easily accomplished in a matter of minutes. Businesses that fail to do so will have their pages canonicalized, thereby losing any chance of having their personal pages ranked on Google and potentially sacrificing massive quantities of traffic to competitors who follow our requested process.

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Find Your Investigator™ strives to surpass all comparable directories with impeccable service to fellow investigators working to navigate the difficult online marketing landscape. Should you have any additional questions regarding our service and how it works, how you can write articles for us, or are looking for additional information on the private investigation field, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Our list of frequently asked questions will be continually updated as our directory grows, so check back to see if any pressing questions of yours have already been answered. List with us today for your free landing page on the internet’s premier PI directory!