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Our Mission Statement is two fold:

Our number one priority is to provide the public with "verified" licensed investigators in their surrounding area.

To our licensed investigators. We promise to provide free listings, targeted web traffic, and affordable ad space, to help you grow your business

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Find Your Investigator - A Nationwide Directory of Licensed, Insured, and Verified Investigators

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Searching for a private investigator can be a difficult process for attorneys, law firms, residents and small businesses alike. With countless PIs to choose from across the nation, finding a detective that's licensed, insured, experienced and reputable can quickly turn into a complicated and expensive process. The right private investigator can push your case to a more favorable outcome, while an inexperienced investigator (or none at all) often result in fraudulent individuals making off with potential millions in restitution from court settlements. Whether you're looking to perform surveillance on a suspected cheating spouse, conduct a workplace investigation or acquire evidence on an individual making fraudulent workers' compensation claims, Find Your Investigator strives to assist businesses, residents and attorneys alike in finding the right investigator for their case.

Find Your Investigator: Compiling The Nation's Best Private Investigators

While other PI directories accept any entry, Find Your Investigator screens our submitted requests by licensed private investigators to ensure our directory hosts investigators worthy of recommendation. To find a private investigator near you that's qualified, experienced and professional, utilize Find Your Investigator's extensive PI directory. Or, should an investigator look to list their business with a directory designed to create listings that are more than just a name and phone number, sign up with our service today. Our mandated 300-word description of every listed investigator ensures prospective clients learn more about their nearby investigators prior to calling or visiting their websites, while the investigators themselves have greater control over their listing than any other directory allows! Here are just a few reasons Find Your Investigator™ outperforms other directories:

  • Our individual listing pages with unique content provides improved SEO and additional listing customization capabilities for the listed investigator
  • Our listings provide a "follow" backlink for qualified investigators
  • Searches reveal licensed, reputable investigators near you, based on your zip code
  • Find Your Investigator offers articles, blogs and videos to provide aspiring and current private investigators with industry knowledge otherwise unattainable in any class
  • Our investigator-focused comparison articles make purchasing your next piece of investigatory equipment easier than ever
  • Our state-of-the-art web design makes our listings easy to access and navigate - pushing high-quality traffic to investigators' websites, prompting a higher conversion rate and more satisfied clients!

Unparalleled Professionalism - What Makes Find Your Investigator Different?

Whether you're looking to find a private investigator near you, or you're an investigator looking to list with a reputable PI directory renowned for honesty and committed to upholding its reputation for professionalism and integrity, Find Your Investigator stands apart from all other online PI directories. For private investigators, our directory allows for a customized business listing page - complete with a "followed" backlink to boost your website's SEO. While other directories simply link back to your site with simplistic listings packed with external links (lowering the directory's 'trust score') to countless other private investigators' sites, Find Your Investigator's listings are personalized and designed to push high-quality traffic back to your site - prompting a higher likelihood of conversion, as opposed to merely padding your site's traffic numbers while negatively impacting your bounce rate.

If the above terms are confusing, it's likely you're missing the majority of your potential clients. Digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stands as a crucial aspect of any modern business, yet strategies are often poorly designed and implemented by agencies without the slightest interest or knowledge of the investigatory field. At Find Your Investigator, we're committed to assisting fellow investigators in navigating the ever-expanding and highly competitive field of digital marketing to ensure your business receives the traffic it deserves.

How Does Find Your Investigator Work?

Other directories rely on simplistic business listing inputs - packing pages full of other investigators without differentiation. Find Your Investigator, however, offers private investigators the ability to write a 300-word customized description of their businesses, resulting in an entire listing page on our sitemap solely dedicated to your business - providing a "follow" backlink from a page without low-quality signals.

For residents, attorneys and businesses looking for a private investigator nearby, Find Your Investigator utilizes advanced search coding techniques to furnish a comprehensive list of licensed and insured investigators near you who have passed our rigorous screening process. Every submitted listing to Find Your Investigator™ undergoes confirmation by our team to ensure the investigators listed are accurately portraying their qualifications, and have extensive, positive testimonials to attest their status as premier private investigators in your area.

Ideal for investigative firms and prospective clients alike, Find Your Investigator strives to surpass other PI directories with a unique approach that benefits both investigators and those searching to find them.

Articles, Reviews, Videos and Blogs!

Find Your Investigator goes beyond the average PI directory. Developed by a twenty-year private investigatory veteran, Find Your Investigator provides current and aspiring private investigators with useful resources on a variety of topics. Whether you're looking for an honest review on a camera, GPS tracking device or other gadget by an investigator who actually puts the product through its paces in the field, or for helpful tips on common tasks like service of process or surveillance, our team of enrolled investigators consistently update Find Your Investigator with the content investigators seek. Looking to write or make videos for Find Your Investigator™? Get in touch with us today!

Through crowdsourcing knowledge regarding private investigative techniques, devices and recommendations, investigators involved with Find Your Investigator not only receive the opportunity to further their own careers through building relationships with experienced investigators across the country, but also discover new information that may prove crucial on their next case. Not sure what camera or camcorder is best for surveillance? Find Your Investigator's comparison pages can provide the input you need to confidently make your next business purchase. Wondering how to tackle a complicated service of process case? Our video series may inspire a new approach! Whether you're looking to list on our directory, or to simply learn more about the investigatory field from industry-leading investigators, Find Your Investigator™ stands as the premier PI directory.

Learn More About Find Your Investigator

Find Your Investigator works to make sure individuals searching for private investigators near them and private investigators listing their businesses with us are completely confident and satisfied with our service. Learn more about Find Your Investigator on our About Us page, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if your questions regarding our directory have already been answered.

Through combining the latest in digital marketing techniques and advanced website coding, Find Your Investigator stands as the first symbiotic PI directory that allows both investigators and users looking to find their closest reputable investigator the ability to browse and list with confidence.

Find Your Investigator: The Nationwide PI Directory Designed For Private Investigators, By Private Investigators

By focusing on creating a directory exclusive to licensed private investigators, Find Your Investigator makes listing your business easier than ever, while proving to prospective clients your legitimacy as an investigator. Whether you're looking for an investigator near you, or you're an investigator looking to improve your online presence, Find Your Investigator stands as the preferred PI directory well worth the visit. Submit your business for a listing today along with your 300-word custom description to craft the listing page, or search our extensive database of approved professional investigators near you!