Delta Detective Agency

delta detective agency fresno ca

Address: 1865 Herndon Ave, Clovis


License #: 188617

Address: 1865 Herndon Ave, Clovis

City: Clovis

Areas of Coverage: Fresno, CA, Los Angeles, ca, Anaheim, ca, San Jose, ca, Los Gatos, ca

Specialities: Criminal

Contact Name: Jimmy Belmontez


Delta Detective Agency is independently owned and operated private investigation firm. We provide investigation services throughout the entire state of California, and throughout the United States we handle your case and give it our best, to get you the results you’re looking for. All our detectives are either retired military or have had extensive experience and knowledge of private investigations, with combined experience of over 25 years. We have worked on cases to do with murder, various other types of criminal cases, fraud, infidelity, child custody, hard to locate witnesses for various types of cases, missing children / adults.