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Find Your Investigator™ strives to set the standard for online private investigator directories by providing users looking for a private investigator and investigative agencies alike with more than just listings alone. While our blog offers the latest updates on industry news, our articles provide in-depth information on a variety of investigative topics written by leading investigators across the nation. Whether you’re looking to learn more about private investigators, or if you’re an aspiring young investigator looking to learn from seasoned investigatory veterans, our articles will provide invaluable insight into the field and the various techniques employed by professional investigators.

As our directory grows, our team of investigators curating Find Your Investigator™ seeks to expand the value of our site through offering investigators throughout the nation with the opportunity to write articles for us! Have a particular technique, piece of equipment or advice you’re willing to share? Contact us to discuss the details of writing for Find Your Investigator™! Written entries by contributing investigators will have the investigator’s name and business listed as the author of the article – providing an additional source of traffic to your business and offering valuable brand awareness with a national audience of investigators and prospective clients alike.

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As our directory expands into more than just a list of available investigators near a user’s location, Find Your Investigator™ seeks to offer investigative information not found anywhere else on the internet. Investigators willing to contribute to our ever-expanding national community will not only receive the opportunity to share their industry tips and tricks with aspiring PIs and other investigators across the country, but also to broaden their brand’s presence on the web on a reputable platform. As investigators are used to writing reports, a short (or long) article on the topic of your choice should be a simple undertaking – providing immense digital value for just mere minutes of your time. Write for Find Your Investigator™ and make your mark on our community of professional private investigators!

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Article topics we anticipate from contributing investigators range from surveillance techniques to anecdotes on either case successes or failures. As our articles will be accessed by other professional investigators, new investigators looking to enter the field, and individuals simply looking to learn more about what private investigators can offer, writing for Find Your Investigator™ ensures your article will be accessed by a diverse audience. From GPS tracking “how to” articles to describing why a private investigator is preferable to the sheriff’s department for service of process, Find Your Investigator™ looks to curate an array of articles from industry professionals to place our directory as the preferred location for all investigatory news and information over the coming years!

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To cement our status as the preferred investigatory directory and hub of investigative insight on the internet, Find Your Investigator™ remains steadfastly committed to sourcing articles exclusively from industry experts and professional investigators with years of experience. While countless other investigative sites feature posts and pages from inexperienced hobbyists, our unwavering commitment in providing valuable articles and information to aspiring investigators and other industry veterans sets us apart from the competition. Build your online reputation by writing for us!

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Contact us to speak with a Find Your Investigator™ team member regarding your article. By joining our group of contributing writers, participating investigators not only provide invaluable insight into the field for our peers, but also receive free advertising in the form of both exposure and reputation development. Give us an email today to write for us!