RLA Investigations

Address: PO Box 557 Salida, CA 95368 Salida, ,

Address: PO Box 557 Salida, CA 95368
City: Salida
Specialities: Accident/Reconstruction, Crime Scene, Criminal, Forensic, Wrongful Death
Languages Spoken: English
Payments Accepted: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Cash
Contact Name: Ron Lopez


Medical Forensics Specialists –
* Evaluation of previous medical testimony or medical reports
* Complex medical case evaluation
* DUI defense based on Acceptable Medical Practice standards
* Medical malpractice investigations
* Scene investigations in support of Defense Team strategy, medical cases
* 3-D digital scanning – forensic applications
* Obtaining other medical & non-medical field experts, e.g. biomedical engineers; pathologists; toxicologists, etc.

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