Am I Being Stalked?

am i being tracked

Are You Being Stalked? Paramount Investigative Services Has The Answer

One of the most common services requested by our clients is an investigation into whether or not they’re being stalked. From gang stalking to suspicious break-ins, residents across Los Angeles from Hollywood to Pasadena insist that they’re the subject of stalking. While some suspicions are certainly warranted, in our twenty years of investigative experience, the vast majority of all clients calling regarding a Los Angeles county-wide stalker are unfounded.

Can A Private Investigator Help?

While an experienced private investigator in Los Angeles will be fully-equipped to investigate your electronic devices, home and vehicle for any signs of stalking or surveillance, simply discussing your case will quickly reveal whether or not you require our services. Should the initial discussion about your case with one of our investigators indicate that an investigation is warranted, our team of surveillance private investigators are uniquely equipped to discreetly perform any necessary counter-surveillance where law enforcement may not be capable of operating. However, most case discussions ultimately reveal the same truth: you’re not being stalked!

How Can I Tell If I’m Being Stalked?Has my cell phone been hacked?

Whether you’re wondering if your spouse is spying on you with a GPS tracker or some malicious software on your phone or computer, or if you believe someone is routinely breaking into your home while you’re out of town to gather information on you, a private investigator can help to definitely gather the evidence necessary to tell if you’re being stalked. Before you look to hire an investigator, however, consider the following:

  • Do you have crucial information stored somewhere pertaining to personal wealth or your company’s trade secrets?
  • Are you a celebrity or a high-profile individual?
  • Have your suspected break-ins resulted in the loss of property or broken property?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, consider calling Paramount Investigative Services to discuss your case further. However, if the extent of your suspicions end with frequently sighting the same individual in public or no presentable evidence for our investigators to work off of, chances are you’ll need to face a hard truth: you’re simply not worth being stalked!

Still Worried About Being Stalked? Call Us Today!

If you still believe you’re being followed or monitored and can present a reasonable case as to why, call an investigator near you immediately to discuss your next steps. Our team is ready available to help victims of stalking and surveillance to receive the peace of mind they deserve.