What Do Private Investigators Do – Part 2

Can Private Investigators Hack Cell Phones?

Private investigators across the United States frequently face the question of whether or not they can hack a cell phone or computer for a client. Unfortunately, the short answer is “no” – not legally. However, depending on what sort of information you’re looking for, a skilled, resourceful, creative and insightful PI may be able to uncover the information you’re looking for without directly hacking a subject’s devices. For example, a cheating spouse can easily be identified through performing surveillance, or simply by analyzing their behavior that’s already known.

Private Investigators & Hacking

While a private investigator near you is unlikely to hack a device, they can tell you whether or not your device has been hacked into! The ability to discern this will vary depending on device type and operating system, however, in most cases a private investigator will possess the ability to provide additional insight regardless of whether or not they can access your device’s history.

Can Private Investigators Get Bank Statements

Just like hacking into a subject’s personal device, obtaining a subject’s bank account information is not legal. While Private Investigators may be able to contact contractors capable of obtaining some banking information, the usage of this information may also be limited due to restrictions placed on a client’s attorney. Similar to hacking a subject’s phone, it’s best to contact your local private investigator to discuss what information it is you’re seeking. If you suspect a subject has a secret bank account, surveillance will likely reveal unrealistic spending habits or strange patterns of behavior that will give your attorney a more clear direction to legally pursue a court order against the subject in question.

What Can Private Investigators Do? Find a PI Near You and Find Out!

Ultimately, private investigators are capable of finding information that’s inaccessible to attorneys and well beyond the scope of law enforcement. If you’re looking to learn more about a subject’s habits, behaviors, and more, a private investigator is the only legally viable way to obtain the information you’re looking for. While services may vary and the complexity of your case will greatly influence the extent to which a PI will need to perform surveillance, an experienced private investigator will likely leave you with far more information than you originally anticipated.

Find Your Investigator: Your Private Investigator Resource

At Find Your Investigator, we’ve compiled the experience of expert private investigators from across the country to provide a resource for both private investigators and prospective clients alike. While services may vary state to state, many of the core tenants of surveillance and private investigator work apply to all settings – rural or urban. If you’re looking for an experienced private investigator near you capable of finding information you previously thought was only possible through hacking a phone or illegally obtaining a bank statement, Find Your Investigator offers a directory of verified, reputable private investigation firms for you to choose from. For more information, contact us with your questions regarding private investigators, or reach out to your closest PI to learn more about what private investigators can and can’t do!