How To Hire a Private Investigator

So you’ve decided you need a private investigator – but how should you go about choosing and hiring the right one? Well, whether you’re a private party, attorney, law firm or corporation, your process will largely remain the same. Below, we’ve detailed an easy, five step process to hire a private investigator!

Step One: Determine What Service You Need

While most private investigators offer a similar array of services, different PIs and investigation firms may label their services differently, or may approach your case differently (digital surveillance, field surveillance, etc). After determining if you need an investigation regarding workers’ compensation fraud, personal injury fraud, a cheating spouse, or any other case type, you can begin researching what private investigators near you are qualified to provide these services.

Step Two: Research Your Local Private Investigators

After identifying local investigators that can perform the investigation you need, identify whether or not your state requires a private investigation license – if so, verify your chosen investigator is licensed. Further research into their reputation by reading Google reviews, testimonials, and reading their website to gauge how professional they present themselves will all help you to make an informed decision about which investigators you should consider.

Step Three: Contact Your Selected Investigators For Quotes

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of reputable local PIs capable of taking on your case, it’s time to reach out for a quote. The private investigator in question should press you for additional details, as no PI can definitively provide a quote for a case they haven’t heard the overview of yet! Whether you reach out by phone or email, make sure the investigator is personable and easy to communicate with. If they’re short or difficult, your case will suffer. Especially for attorneys, a private investigator who’s personable and easy to communicate with is essential to cultivating a mutually beneficial professional relationship!

Step Four: Speak With Your Selected Investigators Regarding Your Case – In Depth!

Now that you’ve identified which investigator (or investigators) are best suited to your case, it’s time to dive deeper into the specifics. Now, it’s paramount that you offer all relevant information – the more information you can provide, the more accurate a PI can be in offering a quote and potential turnaround time for your case. After hearing each investigator’s intended approach, you’ll be able to determine which one is most committed to achieving realistic results. Be wary of investigators who overpromise or dramatically undercut the price of their peers!

Step Five: Make Your Payment, and Be Patient

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal private investigator, it’s time to let them do the work. A good investigator will provide you with updates – however, it’s important to understand the nature of surveillance. A good private investigator will take their time to ensure a successful case resolution. For example, a rushed process serve could result in a failure that drives the subject deep into hiding for months on end. Communicate, but trust in the abilities of your chosen private investigator.

What To Avoid

While most private investigators are honest and hardworking, in major cities, the private investigation competition can be cutthroat. Up-and-coming investigators with no experience often overpromise and under-deliver, while charging well below the industry average to snatch up as much business as possible. These investigators are often responsible for the wavering reputation private investigators face. When possible, avoid any unproven investigators, and always verify their legitimacy. As is the case with any industry – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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