Hire a Private Investigator in South Dakota

As a rural state that takes pride in its freedom, South Dakota is rife with opportunity for the experienced private investigator. With cases ranging from personal injury fraud to workers’ compensation fraud, cheating spouse investigations and everything in between, it takes a qualified professional to operate successfully in a state like South Dakota. However, despite this, South Dakota is one of the few states in the nation that doesn’t require a license for its private detectives to operate. As a result, choosing a qualified investigator near you can be a surprisingly difficult task – as often, the result of hiring an inexperienced PI can result in a botched case that sometimes can’t be undone by the next investigator on the job. As a result, here at Find Your Investigator, we’ve taken the time to compile a selection of some of the top trustworthy private investigators in the state of South Dakota.

Who Are The Best Private Investigators in South Dakota?

The type of investigator you’ll find in Sioux Falls will vary slightly from the one you find out in Rapid City, or operating around Crow Creek reservation. With the various national forests and reservations often causing issues in cases, it’s important to choose a PI that’s familiar with the area inside and out – allowing them to perform surveillance and navigate your case unhindered by something like watching a directions app. As a result, the main metric to go by when choosing an investigator near you is their trustworthiness and experience. While reviews can contribute to this, those can be bluffed by purchasing fake ones online – so we try to assist by offering listings that aren’t boosted by those fake reviews, allowing you to choose your preferred investigator unhindered by marketing.

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If you’re a South Dakota resident, attorney, or business owner, take the time to browse Find Your Investigator’s comprehensive list of private detectives in your state. We’ve compiled a selection that spans the entire state, so no matter where you’re located, you can find a professional PI near you.