Private Investigators Licensing Requirements Maryland

The following is general licensing information. Please visit the states website for specific licensing detailed information, application forms, insurance requirements, education and training, fees, and any special licensing requirements.

Investigators General Licensing Requirements:

Individuals desiring employment by a private detective agency to provide services as outlined above must meet the following criteria. Any individual employee of a private detective agency wishing to act as a private detective should submit an application.

The following conditions will disqualify you from becoming a private detective in Maryland:

  1. Has been convicted of a violent crime (abduction, arson, burglary, escape, housebreaking, kidnapping, manslaughter, mayhem, murder, rape, robbery, sodomy, or an attempt to commit any of the above offenses, or assault with intent to commit any other offense for which the court sentenced imprisonment for more than 1 year)
  2. Has been convicted of a felony;
  3. Is a habitual drunkard;
  4. Is a fugitive from justice, which is defined as a person who has fled from a sheriff or other peace officer within this State, or who has fled from any state, territory, or the District of Columbia, or possession of the United States, to avoid prosecution for a crime of violence or to avoid giving testimony in any criminal proceeding;
  5. Is addicted to or a habitual user of narcotics, barbiturates, or amphetamines;
  6. Has been confined to a mental institution for treatment of a mental disorder or disorders, unless there is attached to the application a physician’s certificate, issued within 30 days before the application, certifying that the applicant is of no danger to the applicant or others;
  7. Has falsified any information on the applicant’s application; or
  8. Has been convicted of any criminal act directly related to the applicant’s employment with a detective agency licensed or required to be licensed by the State Police.Above information cited from the state of Maryland government website here.

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Private Investigators Licensing Authority in Maryland

Maryland Investigators and Security association inc

Maryland State Police
Licensing Division
1111 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
Attn.: Licensing Services Section – Private Detective Unit or email

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