Private Investigators Licensing Mississippi Requirements

In the state of Mississippi, private investigator licensure is not required at the state level. Additionally, private investigation agency licensure is also not mandatory. Private investigator firms are not required to be licensed at the state level either, but may need to apply for city level business licenses. In Mississippi, there is no issuance of individual licenses for private investigators. However, registrations or permits may be necessary at the local level.

Despite the lack of statewide requirements for private investigator licensure, Mississippi does have a certified investigator program through the Department of Public Safety. This program is designed to ensure that private investigators operating in the state are trained professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct investigations legally and ethically.

The certified investigator program in Mississippi consists of 400 hours of classroom material spread out over five separate sessions. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including criminal and civil law, interviewing techniques, surveillance, and evidence collection. Participants in the program will also learn about the ethical and legal standards that must be followed when conducting investigations. Upon completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion and may advertise themselves as a certified investigator in the state of Mississippi.

It is important to note that while private investigator licensure is not mandatory at the state level in Mississippi, it is still important to select a qualified and experienced private investigator to ensure that your case is handled professionally and legally. Additionally, any private investigator you hire should comply with all local regulations and obtain any necessary business licenses.

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