Connecticut Private Investigators Licensing Requirements & Statutes

The following is general licensing information. Please visit the states website for specific licensing detailed information, application forms, insurance requirements, education and training, fees, and any special licensing requirements.

Investigators General Licensing Requirements:

What are the state of Connecticut licensing requirements and who do I talk to? The General Statue of Connecticut requires that any individual or investigating agency needs to do business as a private investigator in the state must get a professional license from the Commissioner of Emergency Services & Public Protection (ESPP). Private Investigator services providers are also required to register all employees working as investigators under their license.

• Age: Applicants for P.I. License must be at least 25 years old.
• Citizenship: The applicants naturalized U.S. Citizen, or possess an INS Green card. INS work permit is not acceptable.
• Character: The applicants must have good moral character.
• Criminal Background Check: The license will not issue to any person who has been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor.
• Evaluation of Mental Health: Connecticut acquires an evaluation of mental health.
• Financial History Check: There are no financial history check is needed in Connecticut.
• Required Insurance: Applicants required Ten thousand (10,000) Dollar performance surety bond as a condition of the license, and also give a $ 300000 for General Liability Insurance Policy.
• Disqualifications Automatically: There is disqualification automatically due to dishonorable discharge and or certain criminal convictions. {No license shall be issued to any person who has been convicted of any felony, (2) convicted of any misdemeanor under section 21a-279, 53a-58, 53a-61, 53a-61a, 53a-62, 53a-63, 53a-96, 53a-175, 53a-176, 53a-178 or 53a-181d, or equivalent conviction in another jurisdiction, within the past seven years, (3) convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude}
• Degree: Minimum high school diploma, GED, college transcript, or college degree.
• Experience: The applicants have at least five (5) years experience as a P.I, or
• Five (5) years experience operating a Proprietary Investigatory Agency, or
• Five (5) years experience as an investigator with any Federal State of Local Govt., or,
• Five (5) years any other recognized Full-Time experience in industry-related investigation. Or
• At least Ten (10) years experience as a police officer with a federal, state, or organized municipal police department.
• Fees: Individual license fee is $1450 Two (2) year license and the fee is $625 Two (2) year renewal. In the case of the corporation license fee is $1750 Two (2) year license and the fee is $1000 two (2) year renewal.
• Maintaining PI License: License must be renewed every two years.

Private Investigators Licensing Authority in Connecticut:

The Special Licensing & Firearms Unit (SLFU) is responsible for private investigators and licensing in the state of Connecticut. 

Department of Public Safety, Division of State Police
294 Colony St.
Meriden, CT 06450-2098
Current Licensee List (PDF)

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Reciprocity Agreements:
The State of Connecticut does not have reciprocity agreements with any other states in The United State.

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