Associated Detectives and Security Agencies of Illinois, Inc

ADSAI members foster and maintain good working relations with law enforcement organizations, the media and the business community. ADSAI develops and encourages the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct among those persons serving in the investigative and security industry.

Founded in 1933 – Incorporated on September 13, 1937


The Association is a not for profit corporation that promotes the general welfare of all licensees and certificate of authority holders state wide.  The Association retains a lobbyist and will support legislation for the betterment of our industries and will oppose all legislation deemed detrimental to our professions.  The Association’s objectives include  monitoring unfavorable federal, state, county and local legislation and take action to oppose same when necessary.  It is important that you are represented.


Active Membership is open to all licensed private detectives, private security contractors, and/or those duly authorized representatives of sole partnerships, and corporations licensed by the Illinois Department of  Financial and Professional Regulation.  Associate Membership is open to those not meeting these requirements, but who are closely associated with the two industries.

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