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Advertising Options With Find Your Investigator

Advertising online can be a daunting task – many private investigators either turn to a marketing agency for help, or attempt to take on the time-consuming task of learning online advertising themselves to cut costs on their marketing budgets. However, often, agencies’ lack of experience in the private investigation field fail to produce satisfactory results. For PIs attempting to tackle advertising on their own, that same time could be spent out in the field earning more one job than their entire monthly advertising budget! At Find Your Investigator, we strive to provide a higher proportion of qualified leads than other platforms. Our traffic is comprised of local, motivated users already searching for private investigators near them – so why not advertise directly to your target audience?

Our Options

As our platform offers a variety of listing options, any PI looking to gain both organic and advertised visibility have the ability to do so. With multiple advertising options on different areas of our website, you can custom-tailor your digital advertising approach to suit your needs!

The top mobile banner option stands out as an ideal, high-visibility method of advertising on our platform. The majority of users today are searching and browsing from their phones – any content “above the fold” on a website will be the first thing a user sees. By advertising with a top mobile banner, you’ll be seen immediately. In a field where timing is key, any experienced investigator will recognize the importance of a good first impression. This option is ideal for investigators looking to capitalize on our website’s motivated traffic right away.

The right side banner and bottom banner options offer exposure and affordability over the top mobile banner option. At a low cost per month, these options are idea for investigators looking to test the waters of our platform before upgrading to the more conversion-prone advertising spaces.

The email footer option stands apart from all our other options as the premiere advertising space. You’ll reach the entirety of our newsletter email list, offering unmatched exposure from the Find Your Investigator platform.

The login page and PI blog page spaces also offer exclusive marketing options, allowing for investigators to dominate entire sections of our platform – with no competing ads encroaching on the space. With capped adspace, these options, like the email footer option, ensure you receive the maximal ROI from our platform.

Why Advertise With Us?

Don’t waste your time throwing money at advertising campaigns set up by agencies and marketing experts who don’t understand the private investigation field – focus your funds where you’ll have confidence in the return on your investment. We strive to provide fellow investigators with a platform that’s both informative and lead-generating. With more qualified leads and more affordable advertising rates, Find Your Investigator is ideal for any private investigator looking to begin advertising for their digital marketing strategy!

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Purchase the advertising space of your choice today to get started – our quick and easy process means you’ll be reaping the benefits of our website immediately. See the results for yourself – advertise with Find Your Investigator today!

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