LSIS Investigations


Address: P.O. Box 11007 Whittier, CA 90603, Whittier


Address: P.O. Box 11007 Whittier, CA 90603, Whittier

City: Whittier

Areas of Coverage: Los Angeles, Southern California

Specialities: Civil


The Legal Support Investigative Service or “LSIS Investigations” is a state licensed investigative agency, offering investigative services and litigation support in California for over two decades.

LSIS provides discreet and professional investigative services in the areas of Family Law Litigation, Civil Litigation and Corporate Investigations. We have extensive training and experience in industry related instruction, paralegal studies and administration of justice.

We are recognized as an industry expert by the California state licensing and disciplinary agency, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

All cases are supervised by a Paralegal, trained at an American Bar Association approved college program. Our understanding of the litigation process, as well as legal & investigative research, makes us a valuable asset to your legal team, which equates to a cost effective, focused investigation, with reduced liability.

Contact us for a free phone consultation. Let us help you determine the best investigative strategy in support of your litigated matter. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances are to get the resolution you want.