Why Do I Need To Write 300 Words of Original Content For My Listing?

Duplicate content is one of the worst possible offenses a business can perform online – whether it’s on multiple pages within their own website, or on other sites! Unless duplicate content is indicated utilizing an HTML “canonical tag” to indicate to Google that the page is non-indexable due to the repeated content (which is against Google’s guidelines for indexable pages), both the original page and the “copy + paste” page will suffer significantly, resulting in either massive drops in visibility, or outright removal from search results.

Because of this massively important aspect of page creation online, to maximize both your (and our) site traffic, we mandate that private investigators listing with us write 300 words of original content for their page. Given that writing up reports is a daily task performed by investigators, a 300-word description of your business for the free creation of a landing page should be a simple and straightforward task easily accomplished in a matter of minutes. Businesses that fail to do so will have their pages canonicalized, thereby losing any chance of having their personal pages ranked on Google and potentially sacrificing massive quantities of traffic to competitors who follow our requested process.

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